5 Prompts to Purpose

Image of hearts and arrows painted on trees, as a visual representation of guiding you to find your purpose

5 Prompts to Purpose

  1. Tell me all about what you enjoyed doing as a child: (If you don’t remember, ask someone who might)
  2. What do you HATE about the world? (or strongly dislike if hate feels too big to tap into) What are you passionate about changing? How would you change it?
  3. What topics can you learn about endlessly (in books, audiobooks, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, etc.)?
  4. What would you do for free, just because you love to do it so much?
  5. If you lived your entire life without changing a thing, what would you regret not doing?

My hope in having you answer these prompts is to help you gain insight into who you were created to be and what you are meant to do. Your unique likes, dislikes, passions, and joys point in the direction of the most purpose-full life you could live. My hope is this insight will start you on a journey to intentionally include activities that fuel you instead of drain you. This could happen through adopting new hobbies, adding a daily ritual, joining a community of like minded people, or even planning a career change.

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"Live Your Best Life" Strategy Call

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With my "Live Your Best Life" Strategy call, you have the chance to work with me one on one, absolutely free. Typically, a session like this is $300, but I’m waiving the fee for anyone who applies today.

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