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The Journey to Reclaim My Power

Growing up as a highly sensitive person, I felt like I needed to constantly be reading people and situations in an effort to protect myself. 

This left me not knowing who I was, while feeling unworthy and powerless all at the same time. I was ashamed of the things I would say to myself and was completely immersed in negative self-talk. As I became a young woman, I found myself in relationships that were just like those of my early family life – toxic! They left me playing small and stuck in a life I definitely did not desire to live. I always felt like my next level was coming, but it would stall…over and over again.

After college, I worked in corporate America and had a lot going for me. I received endless awards, accompanied by a bunch of recognition and money. It looked from the outside as if I was living the dream. But I wasn’t happy. My caring and passionate personality was teased by my colleagues, and I felt completely unfulfilled – only ever catching tiny glimpses of purpose while consulting with clients. After years of people pleasing and not living up to my potential, the ache in my chest for something more authentic and impactful became hard to ignore. I was done pretending like nothing was wrong, when really there was a lot that was wrong.

All this changed when I discovered the power of coaching.

One day, during my commute to work, I came across a life coach on a podcast. Her message spoke to me in a way that little had up to that point. For the first time in months, I actually felt hopeful. I decided to book a discovery call with this coach, and little did I know, this one small action would put me on a whole new trajectory. My life would never be the same again.

I took the leap and invested in her as my life coach. And I was so inspired by what a coach could do for me that shortly after, I trained to be a Life Coach myself with some of the top coaches in the industry. I read everything I could get my hands on about healing and manifesting, and took dozens of trauma healing, unshaming, and purpose finding courses. 

I began implementing what I was learning, and step-by-step I reclaimed my power. Suddenly, I was building a life that I loved. I left my toxic relationship, manifested the man of my dreams (who I married) and started to get paid handsomely for being all the things I was once teased for. I now spend my days in deep care and connection with my clients, feeling incredibly fulfilled. It’s everything that I had ever dreamed of and more.

Feeling in love with your life may not seem possible right now. I get it. I’ve been there. But it was a single step forward that changed my life forever. Are you ready to take that step too? If so, I’d love to invite you to book a free call with me where I’ll reveal what it actually takes to reclaim your power in any area of your life, figure out your path, and stop playing small once and for all.

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