"My 2024"

with Grecia Karlsson, Life Coach




Start the
next chapter of your life

What could a year of personal life coaching do for you?

What could you overcome, achieve, or progress toward?

How many years have you wished for “more” but found yourself repeating
the same cycles without reaching your desired level of success?

This Black Friday, you have the opportunity to work with a personal life coach every month
for an entire year to walk you toward the life you truly desire to live!

Because these calls are taken personally, only 3 spots will be available at
the Black Friday 55.5% discount price (payment plan available)!

"Count me in!"

+ 12 Monthly Sessions
+ Self Discovery Chart

+ Bonus: 2023 Voxer Holiday Support
+ Bonus: Flexible Scheduling
+ Bonus: Welcome Gift
+ 12 Monthly Sessions
+ Self Discovery Chart

+ Bonus: 2023 Voxer Holiday Support
4 Monthly Payments of $1,125
12 Monthly Payments of $250
Once you have reserved your spot by submitting payment, expect a “Welcome to Your 2024!” email within 24 hours.
Your welcome email will include:
-An invitation to add me on Voxer for 2023 holiday support
- A 2024 coaching questionnaire to claim your desires for the year and begin your intentional manifestation journey.
-A link to book your first 2024 coaching session.
- A coaching agreement.


Each 60-minute coaching session will be held once a month over a Zoom video conference call or phone call, whichever you prefer. You will receive a monthly coaching questionnaire before each session to make the most of your coaching time.

A PDF including a mix of personalized astrological insight and typology systems that can help you get to know your strengths and weaknesses on a more intimate level. This has helped myself and hundreds of my clients come to self acceptance, self respect, self forgiveness, and build authentic self care when combined with life coaching.

Voxer Holiday Support: Private voice and text messaging support from the day you receive your welcome email to Jan 1, 2024.

Flexible Scheduling: Instead of once a month coaching for 12 months, you can choose to use more than one of the 12 sessions a month if you are going through a transition period and would benefit from more frequent coaching. 

Welcome Gift: A gift box in the mail with a crystal necklace to accompany you on your coaching journey, crystals, a handwritten notes, and a small thoughtful surprise.

To contact me, email grecia@greciakarlsson.com with any additional questions. 

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